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Kamis, 18 September 2014

English Conversation

1.      Formal

2.      Informal

-    Good morning
-    Good afternoon
-    Good evening
-    How are you today?
-    It’s very nice to meet you
-    How nice to meet you
-    How’s it goin’?
-    What’s new with you?
-    What’s happening?
-    What’s up?
Relax and Chat
1.       Typical conversation starters

2.       Other questions

3.       Weather
4.       Making comment on something present
5.       Opening complaint

6.       Asking for a small favor
-    Excuse me, but is anyone sitting here?
-    Forgive me for asking, but do you know when the train left?
-    I’m sorry for troubling, but could I borrow your umbrella?
-    Have you got the time, please?
-    Do you come here often?
-    Have you heard about …….. ?
-    Lovely day, isn’t it?
-    Those are lovely rose.

-    Can you believe it? The price of …… has gone up again!
-    Could you please, watch my suitcase for a moment?
By the way that reminds me
Changing the subject in a conversation
-     Oh, by the way …….
-     That reminds me of …..
-     Speaking about ……
-     There is something else I meant to say ……
-     I just thought of something ……
Sorry to interrupt
Interrupting a conversation and then returning to the topic
-     I’m sorry to interrupt …
-     Sorry to break in, but ….
-     Sorry, may I interrupt you for a moment ….
-     Excuse me ….
-     Pardon me ….
-     Sorry, but did I hear you say …
-     Hang on …
-     Hold on …
-     Sorry, but …
It was nice talking to you
Bringing a conversation to close
-     OK, then …
-     So …
-     Well,  I suppose …
-     Well, anyway …
-      Hope you don’t mind, but …
-     I’ve got to go now.
-     I guess I ought to get back.
-     I must get back to work.
-     I’d better let you go.
-     Thanks for your time.
-     Once again, thank you very much.
-     So, I’ll see you soon.
-     See you sometime soon, I hope.
-     Look after yourself.
-     Take care.
Telephone closing
Closing phrases for telephone conversation
-     Listen, I can’t talk now.
-     Someone’s just come in.
-     Someone wants to speak to me.
-     May I call you back later?
-     I’ll have to go.
-     Well, thanks for calling.
-     Talk to you later.
-     Well, it’s been good talking to you.
Asking for repetition
-     I’m sorry I didn’t catch the last part
-     Sorry, what did you say?
-     Could you repeat that, please?
-     Just a minute, say that again.
Is that clear?
Questions to check whether the other understands what you are saying
-     OK? / Right?
-     Is that clear?
-     Are you with me?
-     Get it?
-     Do you see what I mean?
-     Am I making sense?
-     Do you understand me?
In other words
Reformulating what you said
-     What I said was …
-     Basically, what I meant was …
-     In other words ...
-     That is to say …
Buying time: fillers
Common fillers and hesitation devices
-     Well, …
-     Umm … / er …
-     Actually …
-     Sort of
-     What I would say is …
-     Let’s say …
-     I see what you mean
-     Let’s put in this way …
-     Hang on

Some other expressions can be seen at: Zoltan Dornyei and Sarah Thurrel (1992) Conversation and Dialogues in Action. Prentice Hall International (UK)
As handout of English for Nutrition Study Program, written by Nafisah Endahati, M.Hum.

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